Sunday, February 17, 2013

VVIP choppers scam;Corporate rivalry dictates Indian politics

VVIP choppers scam;Corporate rivalry dictates Indian politics

It is sad that Indian Govt  has taken note and acted on helicopter issue after Italian court orders.Indian intelligence agencies had alerted the govt since 2006 that something was wrong and had also provided information regarding Tyagi who had counselled  US and Israeli companies .But UPA govt sat on the information and files-----definitely seems deliberate and indicates involvement of top officials and very important invisible figures.Going by the reports ,it becomes clear that the govt was aware of the role of Tyagi and his relatives in the helicopter scam

Corporate rivalry in a country had never become so big as seen in this helicopter scam.The investigations in Italy  initially started in Naples when magistrates looking for connections between the mafia, large Italian companies and the Italian government, recorded the conversations of Lorenzo Borgogni, Mr. Borgogni was arrested and decided to become what in Italian is known as a “pentito” – someone who repents and cooperates with the investigation in order to get a lesser sentence.It was the clash between former Finmeccanica CEO Giuseppe Orsi and his earlier holder whom he had replaced that led to such a revelation

When it comes to action after revelation and so much of embaraasment for UPA govt,,the response was still lethargic.CBI went  slow on the matter and lost crucial time for questioning people and giving the suspects enough time to destroy evidence. But the fact is that we can’t blame CBI when MOD provided them only with few press clippings to start with.Now it is Agni Pariksha for Antony and he realizes that.Antony neither took the cancellation decision to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) nor consulted any other senior member of the Cabinet when he made the decisive move. Sources said the MoD sees no need for time-consuming consultations, and now might send only the final contract termination notice for law ministry's examination.This perhaps is the only instance of this kind where a decision of this magnitude had been taken without running it past the PMO. The significance of "unilateralism" is best indicated by the fact that the VVIP helicopter deal will be the biggest defence contract to have been scrapped if Antony chooses to go the full distance.
Indian team may leave for Italy tomorrow and will face tough task when it comes to getting the papers and facts regarding investigation


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