Sunday, February 17, 2013

  Haschke 'cleaned' up documents related to chopper scam:Reports


 Alleged middleman Guido Haschke

had "cleaned up" all the documents related to the chopper scam

from his computer but Italian investigators recovered them

from his hard drive along with other papers he had hidden in

his mother's home.


           According to reports, the Italian investigators have

termed the details found in his computer drives as "Pandora's

box" where he has noted details of his appointments, his

meetings with Indian intermediaries, in Italy and Lugano and

several international transactions including that of


           These documents are being used by the prosecutors in the

Italian court Tribunale de Busto Arsizio to build their case

in fixing responsibilties of several accused including former

Finmeccanica chief Giuseppe Orsi for allegedly paying Rs 360

crore in kickbacks to bag the Rs 3,600 crore deal, reports in

Italian daily Republica suggested.



             "He thought he had deleted everything, buried every

track on the big business on behalf of Finmeccanica. He had

'cleaned up' all his computer and he felt calm," the daily

said quoting the Italian investigators' report.


             It said the prosecutors in the court Busto Arsizio

recovered the "computer hard drives of Haschke where the

intermediary had recorded the whole story about the sale of

helicopters and other business".

             "Documents and files that are now on the table of the

Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio, Eugenio Fusco, who is trying to

rebuild any responsibilities and roles of the protagonists of

this 'affair'," it said.

             The report said the "fate of Orsi is entrusted to its

reading of the documents found in a suitcase that Haschke had

hidden in his mother's house and found those files in his

computer that he thought he had cleared and reset."

             Haschke is alleged to have been appointed by former

Finmeccanica CEO Orsi for clinching the deal for

AgustaWestland in which 51 million euros were allegedly paid

as kickbacks.

             Orsi has denied any kind of involvement in paying bribes

for bagging the deal.

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