Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Misguided Indian defence Policy

Misguided Indian defence Policy

India is passing through a delicate phase and there is no doubt that defence ,which is the cornerstone of a country has suffered the most. Mr AK Antony is adamant in proving the fact that he is the most honest personality when it comes to dealing with corruption but has slipped the basic fact—Security of the nation can’t be compromised as it is based on hard and harsh realities.Many agencies highlighted the fact of Antony cancelling and showcausing the firm without consulting the top brass but the question arises as to whether  this  is a healthy sign?

We must not ignore the fact of being  a nation with high threat perceptions and surrounded by neighbours who  have left no stone unturned to modernize  at all the levels and we are still struggling to have a formidable triad ----mainly due to the disharmony at the development level of the different wings.It should be noted that defence market is not Sabzi Mandi or Azadpur market where you have plenty to choose,Defence market is small and you have to do business  selectively.In this light,AK Antony’s immediately seeking  a ban on the purchase of any more AgustaWestland VVIP helicopters is a bit too much.The Naresh Chandra Committee on defence preparedness pointed out that blacklisting was detrimental to the country’s national security and recommended that other penalties — fines and personnel expulsion — would make more sense.

It is high time that Indian decisionmakers sit and rethink over what is going on  right now.Modernisation is the need of the hour when it comes to our security.Corruption is definitely an issue but shouldn’t be tackled putting the nation at risk.


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