Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yoga ,concentration and stress management

In the world full of stress,humanity faces lots of challenges and one of them is physical and psychological,arising from the rapid pace of economic developments.Yoga really provides remedy for the same.I was quite unaware of the potential ,till I met a saint in Gaya ,a religious centre in Bihar.

It just happened that I was a bit disturbed over something and was looking upwards ,sitting in my car as my brother had went to meet someone.The saint approached and called me twice thrice without getting any reply.All of a sudden,my eyes met him with the loud  shout "introspection and concentration".He repeated this many times and said most of them have forgotten the art of introspection and concentration and here lies the problem.I approached him and asked him to elaborate as to what exactly he meant.He said most of the people around don't want to introspect as they are afaid of themselves

Talking about concentration and introspection,he gave an example of a factory where paper is prepared after wastage goes through a number of processes.In the same way,most of the human beings are not aware of the potential and they use only little percentage of it  as compared to their capabilities.The more we look deep inside,the finer attributes become clear and we move more and more closer to self realisation and self actualisation.Concentration and introspection are two divine gifts

To judge it is very easy.Just take out a few seconds and sit in meditating posture.Close your eyes and just think about yourself in the light of matters influencing you.Go on thinking about it and it only for a few minutes.Repeat this for about 10 minutes extending to about 15 days and you will start realising the difference.It is to be noted that  there should be no distractions  in the middle

There are some questions that can be asked to self:
1.Are you aware of the powers of almighty
2.Do you want to stay with yourself while alone
3.Do you feel the need of almighty
4.Have you ever cried infront of God
5.Have you seeked his blessings in the times of crisis
6.Who am I
7.Are you true  to yourself
8.Do you listen to your criticism
9.What is happiness and sadness

Thanking you,
Senior Producer,Aajtak

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