Thursday, October 15, 2009

My predictions for sun signs from October to December 2009


Romance at peak;propose without hesitation;Best part of the year for marriage and buying properties;employment and business will flourish;will be relieved from bad debts and litigations.


Blow to your enemies;Name and fame;may get promotion;friends will help you;Best period for romance

Beware of your relatives;plot is very much there;promotion and increment will be denied;However,family will suppot you


Some setbacks during the period which will be beneficial; eye-irritation and headache;Auspicious ceremonies will take place and domestic happiness is assured after 27th October

Functions in family and get–togethers ;may change your place of job or residence;Don’t entertain new job offers and stay where you are;At last, time has come to take a dip in the river of romance;Period between 21st October to 7th November is the best;Everything is possible in love life

Good relation with your superiors and will get enough support from people senior to you;Professionally and monetarily the best;But when it comes to romance,not a good time.For the last few months you have ignored him/her for your professional gains and love has take a beating;Will have to wait till March next year

Don’t trust your friends as you may land in problem;Income will increase and you will buy new properties and vehicles;You must invest in gold for better benefits;Stable love life

Happiness from children and parents;enemies will turn well wishers;Not a good time for romance;If its continuing for some time,effects will be reduced but involving in a new relationship is not suggested due to bad impact of Mars;Friends will be helpful

Youngsters will be married to a girl/boy whose family has high status in the society;right time to start new business;you may buy a new house or vehicle

Testing times ahead;it will at all the levels,personal and professional;maintain your calm as your anger may spoil the prospects in future;Only good lining during this period is that your partner will play an important role in this adverse period

Amazing period;amost all your wishes will be fulfilled;disputes will be settled;there will be great increase in your confidence level;will be one of the best periods of your life;Utilize it.

Bad period;be cautious in all the areas till November 15th;Somebody is looking for an opportunity to stab you ,the moment you are found off guard;Pray to God and that is the only solution;Avoid involving in new relationships


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