Monday, October 12, 2009

Assembly Elections in india

We are in for a few surprises in the assembly elections in Maharastra and Haryana,tomorrow .The elections are crucial as it is being held in Congress ruled states and win or loss in the elections would very much decide as to whether the policy of the congress has clicked or leaves much to be desired and achieved.When it comes to Maharastra,the trends signal towards hung assembly.Had MNS not been a faction in the fray,BJP-Shiv Sena had fair chances to assume charge but MNS factor would be a hurdle and would defintely play kingmakers's role.Congress due to the factors related to drought ,prices and electricity may pay the price.Congress had golden opportunity to make the most out of the situation with Congress at the centre but somehow or the other it hasn't been utilised,may be due to some differences between the NCP and the Congress.Bal Thakrey's involvement this time would defintely be a factor in favour of BJP-Shiv Sena combine.When it comes to Haryana,Congress seems to be saling smooth and may form the govt.It is mainly because of its performance and the absence of strong leader in the oppositon

Senior Producer,Aajtak

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