Thursday, March 21, 2013

UNHRC adopts US-sponsored resolution against Lanka--India voting in favour and Pakistan against

UNHRC adopts US-sponsored resolution against Lanka
  The UN Human Rights Council today
adopted a US-sponsored resolution on human rights violation in
Sri Lanka with 25 countries, including India, voting in favour
of the document in the 47-nation strong body.
 While 13 countries, including Pakistan, voted against,
eight member-states abstained from voting on the contentious
resolution that saw political tremors in India with DMK
pulling out of the UPA alliance and the government. Gabon, a
member-country had voting rights issue.
 The watered down resolution also saw India pushing for
new elements through written amendments calling for an
independent and credible investigation into allegations of
human rights violation and other accountability measures to be
accepted by Sri Lanka, according to sources.
 During 'Intervention in the United Nations Human Rights
Council on the Resolution on Promoting Reconciliation and
Accountability in Sri Lanka', India's permanent Representative
Dilip Sinha said, "We reiterate our call for an independent
and credible investigation into allegations of human rights
violations and loss of civilian lives".
 "We note with concern the inadequate progress by Sri
Lanka in fulfilling its commitment to this Council in 2009.
Further, we call on Sri Lanka to move forward on its public
commitments, including on the devolution of political
authority through full implementation of the 13th Amendment
and building upon it," Sinha said.
 However, sources said when India pushed for the written
amendments, the sponsors of the resolution said the attempt
was to make it "broadest-possible" and with tougher
amendments, the purpose will be defeated.

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