Monday, April 1, 2013

Transformation in China policy---Strengthen combat readiness to win wars: Top Chinese official

Strengthen combat readiness to win wars: Top Chinese official

Amidst escalating maritime disputes
between China and its neighbours, a top Chinese military
official has called on the armed forces to "strengthen combat
preparedness and ensure victories in wars".
            Fan Changlong, the vice chairman of the Central Military
Commission (CMC), the apex military body which controlled the
2.3 million strong military, made the remarks during an
inspection tour of troops stationed in east China's Jiangsu,
Fujian and Zhejiang provinces.
            The army should always maintain its readiness and
fighting abilities to ensure victory, Fan said.
            The CMC is headed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
            Fan asked all military staff to comprehend and implement
the key points conveyed by Xi asking the military to be
absolutely to loyal to the ruling Communist Party of China,
            "Military officers and soldiers must be absolutely loyal,
pure and reliable, and firmly follow the directions of the
Central Committee of the CPC, Central Military Commission and
chairman Xi," Fan said.
            Fan, who is also a Political Bureau member of the CPC
Central Committee, urged military staff to step up training,
especially in complex situations such as electromagnetic
environment and field operations.
            Training must be strict and targeted to meet real wartime
needs rather than a show, he said.
            His comments came as China grappled with escalating
tensions with Japan over the disputed islands as well as other
South East Asian countries on the sovereignty over the South
China Sea.

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