Thursday, January 3, 2013

Delhi suffers power cuts due to coal shortage to plants

Delhi suffers power cuts due to coal shortage to plants


Several areas in the city faced

intermittent load-shedding today following cut in power supply

by a number of generating stations due to shortage of coal.



The coal supply to many generating stations, which supply

power to Delhi, has been hit by cancellation and rescheduling

of goods trains carrying the fuel due to dense fog.


           Coal shortage at NTPC' Dadri power plant in neighbouring

Uttar Pradesh has resulted in reduction of 300-500 MW of power

to Delhi in the last two days, officials said.

          A number of other coal-based power stations have also

curtailed supply to Delhi, they said.



            Technical glitches in a number of thermal power

generating stations have also compounded the problem, the

officials said.

            They said the Damodar Valley Corporation has curtailed

supply to Delhi by 320 MW due a snag in its Mejia thermal

power station today.

            The Chandrapura power plant in Jharkhad has also reduced

supply of around 200 MW power to Delhi due to "congestion in

its transmission corridor", said the officials.

            The maximum power demand in the city in the last 24 hours

was recorded at 3,955 MW.

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