Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Will US find the right strategy for AfPak

 As Obama meets his national security team on AfPak today,it needs to be seen whether US will find the right strategy for AfPak.Amidst reports that a decision to send more troops to Afghanistan has been taken, the White House has said President Barack Obama will today hold the eighth round of situation room meeting on Afghanistan and Pakistan.This according to me will be one of the most crucial meetings in thelight of deteriorating condition in afgnaistan and Pakistan

Beginning mid-August Obama had already held at least seven rounds of such meetings on Afghanistan and Pakistan, with one of them being exclusively on the latter.He had also met several key Congressional leaders and talked to international partners on the issue, besides top commanders of his military. All this effort running into more than 20 hours, had been to find the right strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan that works. Some media reports yesterday said that it was now likely to be announced after Obama returns to the US later next week.

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